Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The louder you scream, the less you will be heard.

This is another fable I wrote.  I hope you enjoy the message.

Every morning the sun would come up and shine brightly throughout the land of Sunnyville. Farmers would be tilling the land preparing for the bounteous food crops.  You could smell the aroma of bacon being prepared for the breakfast meal.  Mother shouted, "Please come in and eat your breakfast before it gets too cold!"  So off we ran, my stomach empty, ready to eat my mother's scrumptious morning meal.

As we sat around the table, noticing the beautiful yellow flowers so precisely placed, I could hear a faint sound in the distance.  I looked out the window and much to my surprise, I saw on the telephone wire a very large blackbird.  It seemed that the blackbird wanted the attention of four small birds sitting nearby.  As I started to eat, I could hear the large blackbird saying,"CAW!  CAW!"  I would have kept eating, but the large blackbird kept screaming louder and louder!  I thought, "Why can't that huge blackbird be soft and quiet like the four small birds singing so quietly next to him?

The scene continued on for what seemed like forever.  Minute by minute I thought of how annoying the situation was becoming.  This loud screaming bird probably was waking every baby in town.  My breakfast had turned cold and it no longer tasted good.  What would happen next?

The four little birds decided they didn't want to hear Mr. Blackbird scream anymore.  The little birds flew away and never were seen again.  Finally, the blackbird decided that, "The louder you scream, the less you will be heard."

This awesome picture was drawn by my daughter Mariah when she was in 8th grade.  I love the details!