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Hi!  My name is Liz Haney. (Aka Liz Pennington in my youthful years.)  I've been married to Brad for 30 years and have five incredible children.  After my first children were born, I made the choice of being a stay-at-home mom.  My first children were a set of twins named Joshua and Jenna.  Five years later came Sarah, then Mariah, and finally Emma.   Just take a quick look at my family!

Here I am!

And here I am right in the middle!

I first must say that my husband looks quite like Donny Osmond.  See for yourself.  Do you think so?

Go ahead and compare...

Now let me introduce you to my five darling children!

This is Joshua.  He was actually born seven minutes before Jenna.  He always seems to remind us of that.  Josh is also married to his beautiful wife Lisa.  They both recently graduated from BYU. Josh plays the piano, french horn, and the drums.  Lisa plays the piano and cello. They are off to graduate school this fall.  Good Luck!

Now you know that my daughter Jenna was born seven minutes after Josh.  She is married to Dillon and they have two ADORABLE kids.  Jenna and Dillon both graduated from BYU several years ago.  Dillon works in operations for a large brokerage firm and Jenna teaches piano and voice while raising her children at home. She also blogs regularly at Mom, the Intern. Very busy life!

This is Sarah.  She is married to Jason.  Jason graduated from ASU and is currently enrolled in graduate school.  Sarah is also currently working on obtaining her Bachelors in Nursing.  She is also quite a crafty girl.  I think her sewing machine is her best friend.  She sings and plays the piano too!

Mariah will be really busy this year as she currently attends college.  She sings in The Millennial Choir and also made the 2011- 2012 All-State Choir while she attended Highland High.  She loves studying the piano and enjoys sharing her talents with her family and friends.  She also makes excellent animal noises!

Emma attends high school and is a senior this year.  She is also a member of Concert Choir and Advanced Vocal Ensemble at her school and enjoys taking piano and voice lessons from her sister Jenna.  Emma loves creating different hairs styles for her sisters and friends and is an excellent make-up artist.  I think she's had a different hair style every day of the school year!

As a recent graduate of Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Family Life, I'm truly excited to share with you my thoughts and knowledge of parenting and child development ideas.  With 28 years of being a parent and recently a grandparent, I hope I can make a positive difference in what I've learned at BYU and throughout my life.

I know you love my shoes...

At times, I will post some of my research papers that better helped me to understand motherhood depression and burnout, bullying and the effects it has on families, working relationships in the home, and what it means to have a socially competent child.  I certainly hope this information will also assist you in your everyday family demands and responsibilities.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your thoughts, concerns, and questions that can help you in your everyday family life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Parent Wizard!  Have a GREAT day!

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