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As a recent graduate of Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Family Life, I'm so excited to share with you my insight and understanding of how we can survive parenting!  Being a parent doesn't always have to be such a daily stressful event.  With a view of practicality, parenting can actually be fun!  In other words, sometimes your daughter's hair may not always be picture perfect before she heads off to school. The luncheon you've been planning with your friends for the last two months probably won't happen due to an unexpected visit to the doctors office to treat another one of your child's many ear infections.  Or maybe as a parent you are exhausted from being up all night with a sick child and wonder how you will accomplish all the countless errands you had planned that day.  Does this sound familiar?   I'm sure it does.  We all have countless parenting stories to tell, but the journey we take as parents can be filled with hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow for all of our family members.  So let the journey begin!

This is me!  (April 2012)

With this being my first blog, I want you to be familiar with my blog site.

Another part of my blog will be inspirational quotes and poems that I have written over the years.  I might include messages from others, but I have always enjoyed writing little words of hope and meaning.

Everyone who knew my mom called her Granny.  Some of the most practical and humorous advice you will ever receive will come from the "Granny tab." My mother always gave advice so freely.  Sadly, my mother passed away from cancer in April of 2010, but she left a legacy of some of the best parenting skills I know of. I miss you Granny.

Finally, each week I want to discuss some of life's most challenging endeavors.  I hope to post some of my research papers that deal with everything from effective parenting styles and skills, the importance of having a socially competent child,  understanding motherhood depression and burnout,  and the impact of bullying in the family and school just to mention a few.  Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or any other ideas you might want me to discuss.  As parents, we are learning how to better ourselves everyday.  I hope that through the knowledge and experience I have gained we can all make our families more loving, kind, and respectful.

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