Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day Brad!

I want to tell my husband Brad what a loving, kind, charming, hard-working, silly joke telling and what a plain AWESOME dad he is!  I know his kids are suppose to give him a huge "shout out" on Fathers Day, but I have the proof in pictures and know that Joshua, Jenna, Sarah, Mariah, and Emma will love going down memory lane!

When Brad first became a dad he had twins! 
Here's Brad holding Jenna

Here's Brad holding Josh

Josh and Jenna at six months

Having fun with Josh, Jenna and Sarah

Spending time with Sarah

Brad and two month old Mariah

With Josh, Mariah, Sarah and Jenna

Emma's 1st birthday

Holding Emma all day at Disneyland!

Sarah's wedding

And by far the hardest working dad I know!